Utility Services

Water Service

Salinas is served by two private water companies: Alco Water Service (831) 424-0441, and California Water Service (831) 757-3644. High-quality ground water is obtained from deep wells. Salt-water intrusion threatens parts of Monterey County and continues to creep closer to the Northwest boundary of the City. Salinas is cooperating with other local government agencies and the two private water companies in response to the salt-water intrusion problem.

Electrical Service

Delivered by Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E) at (800) 743-5000.

Refuse Service

All homes in Salinas must have adequate, weekly trash and recycling service with the City contracted hauler Republic Services of Salinas (Salinas Municipal Code Chapter 14). Residential customers can choose from a 20 gallon, 32 gallon, 64 gallon, or 96 gallon trash cart. Weekly trash service includes the following services at no extra charge: 64 gallon recycling cart and 96 gallon yard waste cart. For more information or to schedule a pick up day call the customer service department at (831) 775-3840.

The Salinas Valley Solid Waste Authority (831) 775-3000, is a joint powers agency made up of the following local governments: Monterey County (eastern half of the unincorporated county), the cities of Gonzales, Greenfield, King City, Salinas, and Soledad. The Authority is responsible for providing secure long-term solid waste disposal service to all its members in an environmentally sound and cost-effective manner. To accomplish this goal, the Authority currently owns four landfills and oversees the contract operation of these facilities. The Authority is also responsible for overseeing future landfill siting or expansion to meet the area's long-term solid waste disposal needs.

Salinas is served by the Monterey County Regional Water Pollution Control Agency (831) 422-1001, which operates the regional treatment plant in Marina. Sewer charges are proportional to flow and strength for industrial customers and a flat rate is charged for residential customers. The City of Salinas also operates an industrial waste treatment plant for food processing and related industries.

Telephone Service

AT&T (800) 310-2355 and numerous long distance telecommunications companies offer local businesses and residents the latest technology and telecommunication systems.