Parking and Citations


The lol靠谱菠菜平台 offers convenient parking options throughout the City. 在下面了解更多, including about Salinas parking lots and garages, 停车地图, and parking citations.

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Residential Permit Parking Program

Residential Permit Parking Districts are parking zones in residential areas that specifically limit on-street parking to residents with a permit. To learn more about the Residential Parking Permit Program please visit the Residential Permit Parking Program Webpage:




Wish to contest a Notice of Parking Violation (Citation)? Full information available in the 停车引用 网页.

Parking Enforcement 服务

Parking Enforcement 服务 are provided by LAZ Parking.

Parking enforcement requests from the public are best managed through 萨利纳斯连接 or by contacting LAZ Parking by phone at (510) 250-2052. To submit an online request for parking enforcement via 萨利纳斯连接 please click on the following link:

Requesting Police Enforcement on Privately-Owned Commercial Parking Lots

Information for owners or operators of privately owned off-street parking facilities who want to manage unauthorized parking, 交通管制, or trespassing on privately owned property and parking lots, is provided in the attached memorandum below from the Salinas 警察局.

Control of vehicles on privately-owned parking lots is the responsibility of the owner / operator as specified in the California Vehicle Code. The Salinas 警察局 is authorized by certain sections of the State Vehicle Code and the City Code to assist lot

Unauthorized Parking Traffic Control And Trespassing On Privately Owned Property And Parking Lots(PDF, 42 kb)


Salinas offers convenient 市中心停车 in lots, garages, and on-street spaces. 请浏览 市中心停车 District Webpage for more information:

Special Curb Markings

Special curb markings assist customers and delivery trucks with easier access to a business. In addition, curb markings can provide dedicated parking for physically challenged motorists.

For more information on the different curb markings or to download an application for curb markings please visit the Special Curb Markings Webpage: